The Redwood, Bolderwood, New Forest

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Barry Peckham ROI RSMA | Oil on Panel | 10 x 10 inches

Barry Peckham ROI RSMA

Barry Peckham’s preferred working method is to be out in the landscape working directly from the subject . The ever changing light provides constant stimulation which helps to produce exciting effects. For larger works he spends studio time on the drawing and composition before taking the canvas out of doors to work on.

Barry has used a variety of mediums in the past. When working in oils he uses flat hog hair brushes and nylon pointed brushes starting with paint diluted with White Spirit then, as the painting progresses, thicker paint is applied. He generally has more than one painting in progress because working on location is subject to the changing weather, light and seasonal conditions. Photographs are sometimes taken as backup for details or lack of time. Commissioned work presents different requirements and often takes much longer to complete.


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