The Tulips Are Over

Lillias August RI | Watercolour | 14.5 x 23 inches

The Tulips Are Over – “I often find things are far more beautiful when they are shown in a natural way – warts and all! Like dirty vegetables and older flowers – they have a natural beauty that isn’t trying to show off or look manicured.

My paintings are done in layers, building up tone and colour along the way. Sometimes I need to wait a day or two to let things set. I use masking fluid to give me freedom and consistency with my washes and to help me put down the painting’s layout – these areas are often washed over and blended in later when the mask is removed.

My palette is limited: a basic six (two of each primary) and a few extras. I use the most transparent, stain-strong colours I can get. Neutrals come from mixing three primaries, most of my neutral colours are mixed using a blue and raw or burnet sienna. Sometimes I use all four and sometimes and sometimes I add a touch of something else like Quinacridone if it needs , testing and adjusting as I go. Its very instinctive.” Lillias August

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