Vision in Purple

Cameron Galt RWA | Watercolour on Paper | 12 x 12 inches

“I had been commissioned by a client to paint a still life of cheese and wine. It is always a reminder of Christ, to someone of my cultural background, to connect wine and its imagery with Christ. The piece of Stilton made with wine that I had chosen for the original painting struck me as a powerful vehicle to make a series of paintings using the image of Jesus. 

I am a realist painter of all traditional subjects, ie. portrait, landscape & still-life. Most of my work is produced by working directly from life with my subject matter right in front of me. I rarely make anything which could be described as ‘studio’ work but if I do those works are always informed by observational drawings & studies. Nature is too complex to record in paint without a lot of looking, to this, the memory alone can’t be trusted.” Cameron Galt

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