Withstanding the Fall – Hand Painted Bronze Sculpture on Granite Base

Exhibition: Artist:

Jonathan Hateley | Hand Painted Bronze Sculpture on Granite Base | Edition of 5/9 | H:54 W:23 D:23 cm

“Gales blow, blustering by,

and there she stands, caught in leafy blast,

embodying nature, Autumn’s best,

each steadfast in their defiant quest.” Jonathan

Jonathan embarked on his artist journey in 2003, having previously sculpted for models and effects in TV and film and created props for the musical ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ and the English National Opera. He went on to produce a myriad of sculptures for TV and film, as well illustrating children’s books, before focusing on his own work.

With emphasis on wildlife and aspects of the natural world he began showing his work in stately homes and gardens before being represented by a London gallery and introduced to the Affordable Art Fairs. Following the early development of his sculpture, Jonathan was eager to move to more figuratively based sculpture, but didn’t want to lose the connection with nature. It was from this point that the body of work presented here evolved.

From  initial ideas and sketches, a metal armature is constructed to the desired pose which is quickly covered in clay. It is at this stage that Jonathan gets a real sense of the form before gradually refining the figure to a ‘finished’ stage. Depending on the intention of the piece, he then begins meticulously cutting into the figure’s surface so that a new detailed relief is created which will, when the sculpture is cast, be highlighted with painted colour.

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