Woodland Path

Exhibition: Artist:

Gary Cook RI SGFA | Ink, Watercolour and Charcoal on Board | 12 x 9 inches

“Temperate rainforest like Horner Wood are very rare. Once, much of the country would have looked like this. The wood provides a diverse habitat for many species, like the Feathered thorn moth, depicted on the watercolour, which lives on oak trees that thrive here in this shaded valley fed by a stream working its way off the moors. There are 2,300 different species of bats to mammals, lichen to fungi dependent in some way on oak. Some of these species are written into the painting.” Gary

Gary is an environmental painter who explores our complicated relationship with and often detrimental impact on nature. The combination of naturalistic painting and narrative script that characterise his watercolours are a direct result of his background in the newspaper industry where he was an associate editor and the senior artist for The Sunday Times for 26 years, winning many international awards for his illustrations.

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