Worlds End Lane

Exhibition: Artist:

Tomas Clayton | Oil on Masonite | 27 x 31 inches

Tomas Clayton was born in Birmingham in 1957. He studied Fine Art at Hereford Art College before going on to study Graphic Design at Ruskin Hall College of Art in Bournville, Birmingham. After leaving College, Tomas worked as a Graphic Designer for Independent Television and the B.B.C.

Today, he paints pictures.​

“My paintings are not so much depiction, as poetry in visual form. I’m interested in portraying those obscure moments that are difficult to articulate, but none-the-less, deeply felt.

The painting ‘Worlds End Lane’:  A young woman awakens to a discrepancy between the admonition to Christian sobriety and the darker undercurrents of reality.” Tomas Clayton

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