Tim Gustard

Tim was born in 1954 in Lincolnshire, the son of a railwayman and amateur artist. He often went to work with his father who taught him to draw and paint in between trains.
He attended art school in Staffordshire and gained a BA (hons) in fine art. Here he met his wife Marion who had the most profound affect on the quality of his work, appearing in three paintings at his degree show.
Fast forward to the late 1980s and Tim was exhibiting in many prestigious open exhibitions around the country notably the RA, RGI, ROI, RI and for eleven successive years the RSA.
He paints the most beautiful and precious of items from life, carefully composing them in his studio which is a cornucopia of antique silver, porcelain and glass, some ancient artefacts are early Greek and Roman and all appear in his work sooner or later.