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Shaun Othen | Oil on Panel | 27.5 x 16 inches

Born in 1969, Shaun grew up in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. At an early age he was introduced to a wide range of classical artists, most notably the works of Laurence Alma-Tadema and Alphonse Mucha. He immediately engaged with their style, an aesthetic which continues to influence in his work today.

Shaun attended the renowned Falmouth School of Art. Here he found a passion for figurative work. Working predominantly in oils, he accepted nothing less than photographic realism. Upon leaving, he signed with the prestigious Artists Partners Agency. His commissioned art works have appeared on book jackets and high-end magazines all over the world.

Shaun believes an understanding of anatomy is paramount for rendering the human form. Coupled with life drawing, he considers these essential skills for any figurative artist. With this in mind, Shaun set up the Dev Art Space and along with his wife, he runs weekly life-drawing classes. This enables him to hone his own drawing skills whilst helping other artists do the same.

Consciously breaking from the rigid structure of his past photographic style, Shaun has developed a more expressive approach. Not wishing to be confined by the traditional techniques, Shaun substitutes brushes for various tools to articulate his vision. With a focus on more aesthetic elements such as texture and line, he maintains elements of realism and form amidst abstraction.

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